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We are locals dedicated to curating the best of what our city has to offer. Our vision is simple: to help you, our community, maintain the coolest, hippest, most awesome lifestyle possible. We love our community, and we intend to help it grow and flourish into the raddest place around by connecting you to everything you need to know through our partnerships with Sac’s local hot-shots. We want to be that friend who is always keeping you in the loop on what’s happening and hooking you up with all the sweet spots. Want to know where to get that fancy dinner or late night grub? We’ve got you covered, and we’ll even give you the best food and drink combos. Time for a haircut? We know just the barber for you! Finally want to try yoga? We’ll show you a great local studio and introduce you to an amazing instructor! When it comes to all things delicious, fun-to-do, and cool-to-see, we promise on our honor to do our best to do right by our city and it’s people, and to live by the Scout Law. We promise to constantly curate, to cultivate a thriving community, to always be cool, to drink lots of beer, and to never stop exploring. Keep a close eye on us – we will be pumping out loads of info on everything our Capital City has to offer. We are scouting every inch of town to bring you the ultimate everyday guide to modern living in Sacramento.

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