Clowdy unifies digital media sharing, so musicians, filmmakers and photographers can distribute any media type and collaborate in one place.



Today, digital artists are restricted to one media type per service - but creative people aren't so limited, often working and collaborating across different media formats. This means they are forced to distribute their content on an unwieldy array of services.

To avoid dispersion, many artists have to “misuse” services. For example, more than 40% of the uploads to YouTube are music tracks rather than videos; not the intended purpose of the platform. It is, without doubt, a broken experience for consumers and creators.

Our solution is CLOWDY. A platform that makes digital distribution and digital consumption easy by letting artists upload all their media to one place:

SIMPLICITY - Users can distribute digital content with ease by choosing between free distribution and/or a sales package tailored to their needs.

MOBILITY - Consumer-focused, user-friendly iOS and Android apps make accessing content simple.

SOCIABILITY - Harnessing the social web maximises exposure for our artists.
Organization founded in United Kingdom.



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