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There has been a shift in the way organizations think about their businesses as well as their customers and competitors. A big reason for this shift is the artificial walls that existed between these entities breaking down. Thanks to the shift towards social & increase in the number of channels, organizations are having a 2 way communication with their customers and are also more informed about what their customers think and do. Convergence Story This has led to an explosion in data availability that can be used for taking business decisions and hence a steep rise in use of analytics to use data for decision making. However, statistics show that within the last 5 years the ‘doing’ of analytics has increased by 48%, but, the use of the analytical solutions to drive business decisions has increased only by 2%. What this means is that there is a lot of so called ‘MATH’ work happening without considering how it can be used and then measured. Convergytics as an organization is geared to fill this gap. We as a company believe in the creation of analytics or business solutions while keeping a focused view on how the solution will be consumed across business processes and having a framework for measuring the impact to correct for future actions. We also believe that a single source of data e.g. Point of Sales data is not the complete truth about a customer. We need to fuse data from multiple data sources in order to understand a customer completely. At Convergytics we have frameworks to fuse multiple data sources like POS, Web browsing data, promotion data, social media data and more at each stage of Creation, Consumption and Correction which not only helps to understand the customer better but drives sustainable decision making. Read more at https://www.convergytics.net/

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