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Core Team Sport Company Ltd. is an online products and services company for sports enthusiasts who enjoy all types of cycling.

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Core Team Sport Company S.L. was founded in 2014 by three partners who are passionate about cycling: - Laura Celdran, Telecommunications engineer who is in love with descent, enduro and dirt styles. - Marc Casals, downhill and dirt rider, with over 10 years experience in bike mechanics. - Joan Delgado, Computer engineer who loves XC and facing challenges in long distance and marathons and occasionally he practices downhill. The Core Team Sport Company’s mission is to offer online services and products for sports fans who enjoy all types of cycling. We currently offer an Online Finder for all kinds of bike accessories and all kind of bikes. In addition , within their social responsibility to the world of cycling, Core Team Sport Company SL aims to help, educate and inform users through a variety of content: own-production video tutorials on mechanics, bicycle components, technique and other issues of general interest, and articles of interest on experiences in competitions, mountain bike routes , sports psychology, nutrition or physical therapy, "tricks" that can help to solve problems with our bikes. Core Team Sport Company S.L. has created a trademark for a line of sports and casual textile clothing: CoreBicycle. CoreBicycle is a brand that represents the values of the founding partners of the company into the world of cycling: illusion, motivation, passion and desire to learn and to enjoy on two wheels. Textile products created for CoreBicycle brand are high quality products with our own exclusive design and working closely with local suppliers that allows us to offer a high quality garments at truly competitive prices. Fun and motivating garments that will definitely make you feelgood more than just look good. Feel free to join us on this adventure, follow us and give us all your comments, which will help us grow and improve. Enjoy & Ride. Regards, Team Core Team Sport Company.

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Fundacion Spain, November/2014
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