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CounterCraft empowers organizations to strengthen their security posture more efficiently than ever before. Designed and developed by experts, the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform fits seamlessly into existing security strategies and delivers high-end deception for threat hunting and threat detection using controlled, highly credible synthetic environments. CounterCraft accelerates threat detection earlier in the attack lifecycle, provides evidence of malicious activity and modus operandis and already protects leading organizations in the financial, trade and government sectors, as well as law enforcement agencies. The feature-rich CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform delivers high-quality alerts with zero false positives and automates cyber deception campaigns across a complete range of digital assets to strengthen overall security posture. CounterCraft solution provides: • High-end deception • More than detection • Broad counterintelligence scope The award-winning solution combines powerful campaign automation with controlled synthetic environments to allow attackers to penetrate organizations without doing real damage. The results provide detailed insights into lateral movements and enable platform users to understand their adversaries’ motivations and mindset - the intelligence you need to prevent intrusions and costly breaches. CounterCraft is recognized worldwide for its radical contribution to the deception technology market and operates in more than 20 Fortune500 Index companies globally, including financial institutions, governments, and Law Enforcement Agencies. To learn more about CounterCraft and its Cyber Deception Platform, contact us at https://www.countercraft.eu/contact.html

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Fundacion September/2015
Estado Startup
Total inversión 1.520.000€
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  • Early/Startup

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