Combining big data processing and 3D Internet technology in powerful platform for monitoring,control of networks&Smart City infrastructure.



CyberLightning Ltd. is the leading 3D Internet Company with next generation controlling and monitoring solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) networks in the Smart City context.

Cyberlightning’s new CyberVille™ solution is mainly aimed at Energy Sector system integrators, utilities and solution providers with empowering features for operations in logistics, power plants, smart grid and home area applications – Though our technology is also horizontally scalable through other IoT/ big data verticals, such as traffic, infrastructure and health. 

CyberLightning is based on durable domain and business expertise. Our innovative team consists of professionals from different fields. The mettlesome experience on 3D visualization and virtualization combined with the newest research results on 3D Internet and IoT technology gives a strong base for executing modern solutions for your company’s needs.
Organization founded in Finland.



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