Real-time risk assessment of cyber-attacks to help security teams triage alerts and reduce response times from days to minutes.



Skilled and experienced security teams responsible for protecting vital corporate or government data are facing an explosion of cyber attacks and the problem is only getting worse. The answer is not to recruit more experts to handle the increasing workload, but instead use technology force multipliers to reduce the analytical burden and increase staff efficiency.

Cyberlytic was formed to respond to a UK Ministry of Defence call to create a tool that enables effective decision support and provide situational awareness of the network. The MoD is not alone in its pursuit to protect its digital assets and data. Corporations are also under increasingly sophisticated attack and must also know the relative risk that each attack poses to its business.

Founded by security experts that have held senior security positions in both UK government and the private sector, the Cyberlytic team understands the latest cyber threat trends and how to translate this to security risk and business impact.




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