Deezer is a music service that delivers an exciting, multi-local music experience to more than 26 million music fans worldwide.


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We are music fans. With 30 million members world wide and more than 30 million tracks available across every music genre, Deezer is a ground-breaking music service, available on every device. We believe there should be no limits to where you love your music. That’s why we’ve made music available to absolutely everyone, anywhere. What’s more, we have a team of music experts with a wealth of knowledge, and 25 million tracks to help you discover the stuff you love, because at Deezer we believe music streaming should be so much more. With a free registration on PC/Mac and mobile devices, you can listen to themed radio channels and thousands of artist-based radio channels (unlimited listening) and to music on demand in 30-sec clips. Try our Deezer Premium services for free at www.deezer.com/premium and you'll be able to access to unlimited music, in enhanced sound quality on every device, even if you have no Internet or 3G connection.

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