Draft Investments

The More Human Approach to Investing



Your personalized DRAFT dashboard gives you a complete financial portrait—starting with your Investment Type (Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive)

Click on any view and that screen expands for a more in-depth look at your Historical Return, Asset Allocation, and Annual Investment Fees.

For your privacy, we default to percentages. Want to see your dollar amounts? Just press and hold the dollar sign button (only you will see these numbers).

The Power of the Crowd

DRAFT uses crowd sourced data to create the ultimate investment benchmark for investors with a long-term strategy.

On every DRAFT screen, you can compare your Returns, Allocation, and Fees to those of your investment peers—specifically the top 10% (using historical 5 year return) for each category.

Comparing your percentages to those of your successful peers gives you unique and actionable insight to improve your investment strategy.

The DRAFT analysis includes portfolios from your peers as well as some of the largest investment firms in the world. You’d be surprised by how many of these “professional” strategies fail to make the top 10% due to high fees.

The Hidden Fee Finder

DRAFT will show you how much you’re spending each year for your investments, and how much it will cost you over time. It’s more than you probably realize!

Armed with this knowledge, you can start moving your money to less expensive investment vehicles.




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