Duel helps brands drive more engagement and get access to great authentic UGC by running fully automated photo contests.




Duel is an AI-powered SaaS platform that activates customers post-purchase to create Shoppable and Shareable product content at scale, without relying on social media curation. 

eCommerce brands and online retailers use Duel to acquire new customers via their personal social networks, and drive conversions and sales with rich endorsed content that they can control, own and use across their entire marketing stack.  

Users leverage post-purchase Rewarded and Gamified engagement tools to collect brand safe User Generated Content (Curated by AI and by humans). Each piece of content is SKU tagged against individual products, and used to drive acquisitions across conventional and dark social networks as well as conversions on product pages and galleries. All controllable from a single dashboard, within the brand environment.
Organization founded in United Kingdom. Since December/2016. 5 employees. STARTUP phase.



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