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Nanny is a connected device and an app. It empowers unexperienced people to grow hydroponic crops. It is a tool to decentralize farming and create greener cities. We eat vegetables produced thousands of kilometers away and harvested weeks ago. The constraints of the distribution chain mean your food won’t be too tasty and its carbon footprint will be huge. Farming closer to our tables would solve a lot, but: - Farming is hard - Failures cost money - Losing a crop is an awful experience We want to lower risk and increase productivity of new urban farmers by helping them use proven agricultural technologies and new research. - Nanny has sensors to watch over the culture - When your plants are in danger it sends an alert to your cell phone - The App tells you what to do to avoid your plants suffering Our clients are urban growers who want to produce a crop and value quality and quantity. Nanny can help anyone to grow successfully.

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