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It’s Monday morning and you’re back at work scrolling through your Facebook feed when, BAM, you see a picture a friend posted from an event that you would have attended but weren't aware of. Has this ever happened to you? We feel your pain. Ekology is a personalized mobile application connecting users with relevant local experiences. Recent advancements in data mining tools have enabled us to gather, organize and serve the best tailored content. Pair that with a beautifully minimalist feed of events in your area which fit your specific interests, and you've got something special. Millennials are fueling the growth of the experience economy, often seen in the form of: music festivals, cultural events, and other social gatherings. Obtaining information regarding those events is a time-consuming process. We give our users their time back by simplifying the process of staying in the know.

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Fundacion United States, July/2015
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