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Online training center. We offer an intensive english training program for 3 months at the best price in the market.

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Online training center. We offer an intensive english training. The kind of english that we teach is the type of language used in call centers, so we focus on certain áreas; customer service skills, active listening and emotional connection towards the customer on the phone. Our program is designed to teach english while the student is learning best practices on the industry to get a really well paid job. Besides the fact that our Price is the most competitive in the market in Mexico, we offer a guaranteed job opportunity after completion of the training program. One step of our internal process is to make contact with companies or "outsourcers" that manage call centers in Mexico to create job opportunities to ALL our graduate students so they can get their investment back. We process our sales internaly and externaly. Internal: Outbound sales calls by our sales team. External: Companies that require bilingual candidates will hire our services to provide training to their hispanic employees so they can transfer them to a bilingual área.

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Fundacion Mexico, December/2014
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