fflippo is a digital marketing tool for local commerce to provide offers and promotions to gain potential customers and visibility.

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Fflippo is the digital flyer for local businesses. Fflippo will become the principal tool for small businesses to grow their digital footprint by eliminating the cost of entry to create their own applications. The local business will always be able to create free offers on fflippo with costs incurred only for premium or extensive usage. The main improvement fflippo will provide to small businesses will be an increase in visibility. Shoppers will be able to search down to 250m away from their current location for deals around them. Many local businesses on side or parallel streets from main shopping areas will be visible to shoppers. Offers or promotions that may go unnoticed in storefronts, now will be a click away to shoppers that are specifically looking for a product on demand. Small businesses now have a tool to enter the digital mainstream and compete at a level playing field with all businesses.

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Fundacion Spain, April/2016
Estado Startup

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