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Fidelity Bonus is a start-up offering Internet Marketing services through a Software as a Service platform.


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We aim to provide a turn-key solution that suits our chosen market best. Specifically, our product delves into two innovative aspects: - Provide our customers with a sign-up form engine, available as an online service. The created sign-up forms are then accessible online and through the customer's traditional, printed advertising (via QR codes). The idea behind is to provide an automated process to boost client acquisition through both online and offline channels: social media, email, poster, signs, flyers, etc., and to market this new customer base later. - Integrates email marketing with a tracking system that allows deploying traditional marketing strategies: Welcome, Bring a Friend, Win-back, Point programs, Especial offers, etc. All of this is managed seamlessly so that our clients can set up a marketing approach on top of an email marketing campaign in one easy and single step.

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