An app for sending lovely random messages anonymously.


Sobre foldd

foldd is a state-of-the-art mobile app concepted in Barcelona. Currently under development and about to face a limited alpha testing, this app aims to transform communication by not allowing the sender to choose the receiver. This decision is actually taken by foldd's fine-tuned random algorithm. However, foldd isn't only random: it is also anonymous. Receivers don't know the identity of the user sending the foldd, the message, they just received. Communication seems impossible with such a remote connection between senders and receivers. But the creators are convinced that this unique tweak is going to make messages more meaningful: they are sure that knowing the person behind a certain message can bias the interpretation you make of it. The equation is simple. If we lack senders (or we don't know them) and receivers (or we can not choose them), then the only thing that matters is message.

Datos foldd

Fundacion April/2015
Trabajadores 7
Estado Semilla

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