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Spin-out of Hospital Clinic de Barcelona


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FreeOx Biotech is an innovative company born to discover and develop medicines addressed to reduce the effects of the oxidative stress in the organism, and especially those related to the neurological and cardiovascular system. We are focused mainly in Stroke, a condition characterised by the interruption of blood flow to the brain which is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. FreeOx’s lead product is Ox-01; a molecule with neuroprotective properties that has a proven effect in preventing the damage caused by reperfusion after stroke. Ox-01 has finished phase IIb clinical trial demonstrated that it would be particularly useful in patients undergoing mechanical thrombectomy. FreeOx Biotech was founded in March 2017 by five co-founders coming from Barcelona and Pittsburgh: Carlos Lurigados, Ángel Chamorro, Ángel Honrado, Tudor G. Jovin, and Juan Bigorra.

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Fundacion March/2017
Estado Startup

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