Connect buyers and sellers in the agro industry, first online community of importers and exporters of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.




FRESHDEAL APP Is a new app for the agriculture world. We have long experience in this kind of markets (fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices…bio and traditonal). 

Before we started, we ask about this new way of mobile business to our mentors, agriculture companies and all of us miss a work tool like this. The new way of make business and internet make it possible, so why not?. 

Why not in a few clicks we can be a part of a new market where is possible find BIO or CONVENTIONAL agro products, where we can SELL or BUY products, find new products and suppliers. Why not, can we make grow our business and announce it to the world. 

With FERSHDEAL APP there´s no big or small companies, or is not possible find products from another side of the world, now …think about all of these and be a freshdeal user…remember all of these things happen in our mobiles, in YOUR mobile right now !!!.
Organization founded in Spain. Since November/2016. GROWTH phase.



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