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We are Genimen Pharmacon Pvt. Ltd, a India based start-up biotech company. Genimen Pharmacon has collaborated with Invent2 (www.inven2.com), owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, Norway's largest and leading university and hospital representing pioneering research. Genimen Pharmacon has been given the license to manufacture and develop the internationally patented cardio-protective factors present in specially isolated Kiwi Fruit Extract (KFE) for its commercialization in India. Genimen Pharmacon is the only company in India that holds KFE license. Genimen is currently seeking funding for the implementation of the development plan leading to an FSSAI approval of health claims and full market access. The development is expected to continue to be supported by public funding. Genimen is extensively trying to raise the fund that provides funding for its corporate activities through 2016.

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Fundacion India, December/2014
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