GoEuro is a travel search engine for Europe that compares and combines air, rail, bus and car rental options.


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GoEuro is a multi-mode search engine for all major forms of travel, that compares and combines air, bus, trains, and car rental options for destinations to and from Europe – big or small – not just cities with airports. GoEuro aims to simplify the problem of figuring out the best mode of transport to get from A to B — whether that’s coach, train or plane. The platform is designed to cut out the legwork of Googling things yourself, by suggesting nearby airports and train routes to connect up where you’d like to go — and also estimating the entire length of travel time. So, for example, not just the flight time but also the waiting time at the airport. After pulling in diverse data sources to offer various route options, it also makes it easier to visualise which routes are best and compare the cost of different travel options – displaying a comparative chart based on what’s cheapest or fastest. Users enter their start point and destination and GoEuro calculates suggested routes and prices. The platform will also not include urban public transport options in any markets — such as London buses — but rather is designed for helping travelers make longer distance travel plans.

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