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JOIN THE REVOLUTION The average lifestyle and the modern diet has left us with a significant deficiency in nutrients and vitamins, making us weaker and vulnerable to many illnesses that won’t allow us to reach our full potential. We provide a monhtly supply of tasty Functional Foods in a convenient form for the modern life. obtaining nutrients and vitamins from natural sources such as herbs, seeds, berries and other functional foods. We believe this is the right way to become a better version of ourselves. We provide clean and tasty Primal foods in a convenient form for the modern life. Our Story We are a group of good friends that were working for many years in the food supplement industry, providing nutrients and vitamins for other athletes and people passionate about health like us. After a few years we realized that the best way, the right way, to become a greater version of ourselves is not by using processed supplements that are hard to track the source, but obtaining them from real food, from Primal Functional Foods.

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Fundacion Denmark · Spain, September/2016
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