Insurance enrollment solved



GroupHub fixes broken insurance enrollment.
Customers see a clean, simple form that collects enrollment data for any insurance product, and a dashboard to manage their enrollment information.
Brokers, Agents, Employers and Insurance companies finally have easy to use online group management tools that ensure regulatory compliance, security and exceeds federally mandated privacy laws.
The Affordable Care Act mandates extensive changes to insurance enrollment over the next 18 months, and the entire industry is panicked about the changes that they are facing. GroupHub solves those implementation challenges.
Roman Gurule the former Director of the Federal Department of Insurance Oversight, has signed on as an advisor. This gives GroupHub expert and real time updates on the ACA and ensures our compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.
Pilots with 7 insurance brokerage firms in progress. 
+ Revenue 
Receiving proposals from national insurance companies.



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