Hybrid of a marketplace like Ebay with a pooling portal for guided tours and excursions




Guidool brings the concept of pooling to touring market.
Thanks to Guidool you as an individual can join others and build a group that will enjoy a guided tour. This makes many opportunities unavailable until now, just few taps away. You can browse trips propositions and select the one that meets your criteria. All data is up to date and now you really know what is available.
But it is not all about the tourists - this concept would not work without the guides. If you are a guide, Guidool allows you to enter a completly new market. Right now the vast majority of guided tours is provided to the pre-organised groups and with us you will be able to reach out to those who travel as individuals. Guidool is flexible and can be used for your main tool or just as a bonus to your normal sales channels.
SEED phase.



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