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Product: Holiday-Link.com is an interactive portal where visitors can write articles related to subjects such as travel, holiday and entertainment (1. restaurant, 2. cafe bar, 3. night / disco club, 4. event, 5. sight / atraction, 6. museum / gallery / theater / opera, 7. service / shop, 8. national / nature park, 9. beach, 10. ski resort, 11. excursion site, 12. fast food / pastry shop , 13. festival, 14. zoo / aquarium, 15. casino, 16 park / garden). Articles are linked to locations (country/region/ city), and may consist of texts, images, uploaded videos, opening hours and locations on a map. The goal is to collect interesting contents for a specific location all in one place. Authors of these articles can be holiday-link.com, local tourist board, owners, directors or employees of a specific content, locals and visitors. The articles are written in a simple form. Articles can be also created with the help of Facebook API from the Facebook page. The entire service is free. The portal is multilingual.This portal would make profit by cooperating with tourism services suppliers (hotel, vacation rental, charter boat, cruiser, camping, tours, trips, plane and other tickets), and through advertising (Google AdSense or a similar service). Suppliers may enter their offer through the wizard, or by using API. Visitors will negotiate directly with the service provider. Customers Customers of Holiday-link.com are supliers of tourist services (hotel, vacation rental, camping, charter yacht or boat, cruiser, organizer of program, tour or excursion). For tourist service providers, the use of Holiday-Link.com is completely free until they receive a concrete e-mail inquiry for the service they have offered via the site. Suppliers of tourist services pay each inquiry they get via Holiday-Link.com for their service (so-called e-mail lead, in the amount of 3-10 Euros: https://www.holiday-link.com/price-list-for-services ). Customers are also site visitors who can click on the ads. Distribution Easy - it's all free. For the authors of articles in 16 categories related to tourism is free. For suppliers is free until the conversion (e-mail lead). Holiday-Link.com is designed for a business model that provides the best possible price for a site user for 3 reasons: 1.Direct communication between the buyer and the supplier so the buyer can always arrange a certain discount. 2.Do not charge any booking fee that will raise the price of a particular service. 3.Do not charge a percentage on a reservation to the supplier so that the supplier will not raise the price for that percentage. Additional So far we have completed 99% functionalities of the site. The following parts are completed: -login, users and user rights -location adding system (country, region, city) -frontend and backend for writing articles and uploading pictures and videos, and comments for articles. -easily creating articles via the Facebook API -automatic translation system, if the articles are not manually translated -system for administrating articles and comments through backend -rss feed for social networks -wizard for suppliers of travel services -restfull API for suppliers -the first two suppliers are now being joined to the system The project needs funds to invest in the administrative part of the job, for SEO strategy, marketing and promotion of name and brend. Since HolidayLink.com is an online project and its customers are online, it is very important to take on the best positions on Google to attract as many users as possible. This will make it easier to create a site brand . In order to achieve this, we have turned our attention to making the portal as optimally optimized as possible. Although we have just begun to enter content on the site, we can boast excellent results: For example, see the results for the tourist town of Supetar on the Croatian coast: Google.de; Germany: Strände Supetar (beaches Supetar) Currently 14th in the search engine: https://www.google.de/#q=str%C3%A4nde+supetar&start=10 Kneipen Supetar (clubs Supetar) Currently the 2nd place on Google.de: Https://www.google.de/#q=kneipen+supetar - in front of Tripadvisor.de Restaurants Supetar Currently 6th place on Google.de https://www.google.de/#q=restaurants+supetar Google.com, Hungary: Strandok Supetar (beaches Supetar) Currently 5th place: on Google.com: https://www.google.hu/#q=strandok+supetar éttermek Supetar (restaurants Supetar) The 8th place on Google.com (the top 7 places take Trip Advisor) https://www.google.hu/#q=%C3%A9ttermek+supetar kocsmak supetar (clubs Supetar - 15th place on Google.com (The top 13 sites occupy the Tripadvisor site) https://www.google.hu/#q=kocsmak+supetar&start=10 From this example, you can see that Holiday-Link.com can embark on a struggle on the online tourist market, because we have good positions in just a year and a half and already have over 300 users per day. We currently have content only in Croatia and it needs to be expanded throughout Europe and later world.

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