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The solution to housing problems sitting under students’ noses Housinganywhere.com addresses a serious issue that often leads to cancelled plans for students and young professionals. You often hear of students having difficulty finding housing while abroad, whether it be for a job, to study or to explore, HousingAnywhere, says it’s a shame and offers a solution. Created in 2009 HousingAnywhere is now present in 118 countries, 500 cities and has 120 partner universities worldwide. Global focus Thanks to advances in technology and trade, the world is becoming a lot more globalised and interconnected. Students in all parts of the world are becoming more inclined to take a leap of faith and study abroad. Knowing this, HousingAnywhere accommodates on an international level. HousingAnywhere, a Dutch-based startup, provides a safe online housing platform for university and higher education students. With the website, students can rent out their rooms to incoming students and landlords can list their rooms, but only if they are verified by HousingAnywhere. The secure booking system of the site ensures security for its users, especially as many of the students using the site are based abroad. An average of 400 rooms is posted worldwide on the platform every week. Active in 118 countries HousingAnywhere is currently active in 118 countries and more than 500 cities, thanks to its partnerships with over 120 universities worldwide. The mission is to reach 1000 universities by the end of 2020. “We don’t provide real housing solution to students”, says van Deuren, founder of HousingAnywhere.com, “but we actually use current solutions more efficiently. By [achieving our mission], we will be sure to face in a better way an important problem that is affecting international students.”

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