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600 million people are looking for their lost property at this moment. Only 7% gets back to the owner. Except in the Netherlands. 1 out of 3 items are found by the owner via the iLost platform. And on top of that, the lost property is delivered back hom the next day! We have a growth of 10% per week on found and matched items. For organisations lost & found is never core-business, it's a hassle. With iLost they simply take a picture and publish found property online. Now their customer can search for themselves. No more phone calls or filling out forms and an increased return rate. No wonder that Hertz, Europcar, The Dutch National Rijks Museum, Public Transport and Hotels are already using iLost SaaS services. In addition we target insurance companies who never hear if something is found. They can potentially save up to 10% on claim payments with our match data. Also we can make targeted advertising if your Rayban is not found on iLost.co

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