The first customer recognition solution that bridges the physical store with its online presence




We are a team with a vast experience in engineering and user experience. Our strength lies in combining expertise in all of these areas into one company:
UX & Service Design, UI & Visual Design, Software Development, Mechanical Engineering, Retail Operations, Spatial Design & Engineering, Industrial Design

Imersivo has blurred the lines between the physical store and the online shop, offering you the best of both worlds. Interact naturally with real-time displays, use your smartphone as the remote, check the inventory of other stores or have the item shipped right to your front door, all without ever waiting in line.

What if you could play dress up but without trying on any clothes? Or design the car of your dreams by just waving your hands? Imersivo helps you visualize your options on a large interactive display, eliminating any doubts of how the final version will look. You can share your “new design” with friends or take it with you on your smartphone or tablet.

Imagine somebody who, without asking any questions, would hand pick clothes matching your shape and colors in an instant? You don’t have to book an appointment or spend any money because your new personal stylist is virtual! As futuristic as this may seem, Imersivo’s computer vision technology will customize the entire store just for you.
Organization founded in Spain. STARTUP phase.


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