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Impossible a social network (2014) that connects people to share things and skills for free. Impossible is now developing a commercial arm - Not Impossible - which will enable users to access socially and environmentally responsible products to buy or gift. Not Impossible aims to be the web’s n.1 destination for conscious consumerism. It will curate unique and beautiful objects from fashion, design and art, telling the stories of provenance behind them (people, places, materials). Not Impossible aims to help businesses open up product data through crowd auditing, and help surface this in an engaging and simple way to consumers. The stories told will be compelling and sharable. The benefits for partner businesses include access to a focused target audience, CSR brand value, and powerful product stories that they can share. The benefits to consumers: "66% of global consumers say that they prefer to buy products and services from companies that give back to society" (McKinsey).

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