Helping Agencies understand and retain clients by automating the creation of digital marketing strategies from bigdata to plain English.




Servicing clients globally and developing prescriptive marketing analytics technologies, InboundMuse Ltd. is Malta's only specialised analytics agency. providing specialised consultancy services around data-driven marketing and optimisation while developing a family of SaaS products in the same field. Our product helps small digital marketing agencies increase their clients' retention/LTV by empowering their strategic value with artificial intelligence. Through our platform agencies can now access insights buried deep in their clients' marketing data quickly, at a fraction of the cost and conveyed in plain English (not robot lingo!). We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to analyze patterns across the the digital channels the client is using (Web, Search, E-mail, Paid and Mobile) to summarize what’s worked and inspire what to do next with AI-driven marketing strategies that are more audience focused for better brand-engagement and increased ROI.
Organization founded in Malta. Since April/2014. 5 employees. STARTUP phase.



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