Our mission is to improve therapeutic treatments related to psychology and sexology using Virtual Reality.

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Inmertec is a 'startup' born in 2014 after being recognized by the 'Startup Weekend' event held in Malaga in collaboration with Google. We are dedicated to the creation of a new methodology for therapies in the field of psychology and sexology through Virtual Reality. To this we have called "immersion therapies' which are made with the use of two main components: · A mobile · A virtual reality glasses as they could be a Google Cardboard, a Samsung Gear or a Oculus Rift VR. We offer two lines to our product, one of them is aimed at professional psychologists and sexologists all they need to tackle more sensitive issues such as might be the case of phobias, fears or failures of any kind, which should always be treated under the professional supervision. On the other hand, the branch dedicated individuals, where anyone from your home can make a segment based on relaxation, meditation, 'mindfullness', etc. All sessions can be found on our platform: www.inmertec.com (coming redesigned for public beta) which will be updated weekly with the help of professionals in our staff and with the collaboration of the users of the platform which decide at any time that is the next session they would like to be, that at all times our product meets their needs. Our project was recently recognized by institutions such as Harvard, the University of Malaga, Telefonica Foundation, Andalusian Institute of Sexology and Psychology, among others. In addition to receiving prizes in events like the program or Yuzz Banco Santander, Telefonica Future Open the latest, the Spin Off award from the University of Malaga that accredits the best companies created by universities. To learn more about our work, feel free to visit our website and if you're looking to see how our product works we invite you to an exclusive viewing fragment our lab tests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztQEUz7lJ8M

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