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Deliver great coffee products from Indonesian to the EU Market

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Jatmiko International Limited was established in the UK in the year of 2015. It is a start up business and the main line of business is importing coffee products from Indonesia to the UK and other European Countries by using the free on board system. As we know that Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of coffee products in the world and the market of these products is very large because almost one out of five people in this world drinks coffee every day. The source of the supplier of this product is overwhelming as well as the potential market. What make us different with other importer is that we import directly from the farmers in Indonesia. The director of Jatmiko International Limited who is also the representative of the Indonesian Small and Medium Entreprise Association in EU has his social motivation to increase the price in the farmer level. Hence beside doing a business we would also introduce our indonesian produce to the european market.

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