Keepers Child Safety


Keepers Child Safety is an app that detects Cyberbullying in real-time by using AI technology.

Sobre Keepers Child Safety

Keepers tracks suspicious & abusive content messages on children's smartphones and social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp,SnapChat etc..), alerting the parents in real-time if their child is being threatened. We are the only app on the market that can detect both incoming and outgoing messages. Keepers AI based application protects children from cyberbullying and pedophiles and helps parents protect their children from the dangers of cyberbullying. Keepers developed an NLP algorithm to detect emotion from text and a dynamic dictionary to enable the parent to add\remove bad words according to the child's needs. The app can also track the child's location and alert the parent if they have entered into a specified "danger" zone. Our app is special because we are participating in ending Cyberbullying once and for all. This issue is affecting too many kids and our app was developed to protect them.

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Fundacion May/2017
Estado Startup

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