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Kollectbox.com is the Fancy.com of stamp, coin and banknote collectors . It’s a marketplace that enables collectors to manage, share, exchange and buy collections and allows dealers to sell their catalogs. Business Model Summary Kollectbox has 3 customer segments: The private collector, the social collector and the dealers. Kollectbox.com has two revenue streams. For the dealers, kollectbox has a brokerage fee revenue system. We will charge 10% on every sale made in kollectbox.com. For the collectors kollectbox has a fremium model. The basic features, such as create and manage collections will be free but, to be able to exchange items (for example) the user will need to activate de premium account. Problem to be solved Today you have several websites were you can buy collections and you have webapps and softwares where you can manage collections. Kollectbox matches theses two products! With kollectbox, collectors have a seamless tool to manage, share, exchange and buy collections. Deallers will gain access to a huge marketplace. Instead of just owning a webpage or a blog and wait for the collectors to come to them, they will know where collectors are and what items are they looking for.

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Fundacion Spain, January/2013
Estado Startup
Total inversión 1.520.000€
Rondas inversión
  • Early/Startup 01/2015
    210,00 K€

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