Foryard (formerly known as LastMason)


Foryard is a Software Innovation Lab that structures companies and workflows with Big Data tracking and visualisations

Sobre Foryard (formerly known as LastMason)

We are a team of ambitious, young professionals who use software development as a tool to solve complex challenges, with it as our mission "everybody a fair chance". We approach each request by developing a tailor-made solution, combining research, innovation and experience to answer every client specific need. What differentiates us from our competitors is the desire to open the dialogue. Looking at the bigger picture results in durable, long-lasting solutions. Over the years, we have developed complete innovation labs to give speed to organisational improvement, we built chatbot-apps to make customer support more efficient, effective websites with front and back-end, and so much more. All in order to make the working life of our clients more efficient, user-friendly and above all, happier. We are Foryard.

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Fundacion United States · Netherlands, April/2014
Trabajadores 20
Estado Startup

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