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We are working to change B2C customer services through a simple and new approach to attend digital customers. Just in Spain, Customer Services Market is around 2.000 million € and it is a sector very intensive in human resources, so there are high volume and a huge opportunity in revenues if we are capable to automatise part of this market. Despite of it, the customers (you and me...) have changed their way to communicate with peers (mobile messaging) but we have to deal calling household providers and waiting minutes in queue with horrible music on hold and explain one, two or even three times what is our problem. In best cases, after 1 to 4 calls, issues were resolved. So, our vision is to hack the way customers and providers communicate each other providing to both parts the benefits they expect. Customers... an mobile UX app focussed in easy to use, less time and thought to help them, and Enterprises (B2C sectors like Banks, Insurance, Telcos or Utilities) a tool to decrease their service costs per user per year, increase customer engagement and avoid nuisance calls. We came from 20 years of experience in Contact Center Technologies and Customer Services world, and it is time to re-imagine the relational model and operations in this sector and promote an 10x change. Thanks for your interest reading our thoughts and vision. We are looking for seed capital and are happy to talk about our vision, plan and how to catch a good piece of the Customer Services Cake. Jorge del Río Founder jjrio@letus.do +34 610 794 006

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