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SOBRE LIVEONRIVIERA.COM has been live since end of 2014 and currently lists more than 200 000 properties and 3000 service providers in 41 countries.

The idea of creating such a platform was born on the French Riviera after recognising the problem that foreign secondary home owners encounter when looking for quality home improvement providers. Since our early days we have looked to expand internationally based on an immediate interest and demand from partners and clients in various countries outside of France. This international interest pushed us to aim big and target all international markets that are relevant for secondary home owners and seekers.

The vision of is to become the first marketplace in connecting the real estate professionals with their high level international customer base. We want to create a unique experience to our users looking for housing or home improvement services. We want to provide our users a one-stop-shop allowing them to answer all their questions and connect with all types of services providers needed when buying or maintaining a secondary home.

We are partnering with key industry players to offer the most extensive offer for our users and make the platform available in their local language. creates a vibrant ecosystem that allows to match offer and demand for the real estate industry operating on a freemium basis.
Organization founded in Latvia. Since September/2014. STARTUP phase.




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