Loozend is a new system to safeguard the information on your disk. No need to choose folders, or time. Seamless. For free!




1st half 2013 – Two entrepreneurs in IT/Telco, quite experienced, meet several times with the objective of arranging their own data protection. After a lot of talking, thinking and trying different ways, they get to the conclusion that today’s backup paradigm does not offer a reasonable solution. After a lot more talking and thinking, they come across a new potential paradigm, very bold, almost reckless, that make them dream with a universal solution for this old and bad issue.

2nd half 2013 – After thorough search, these two entrepreneurs get to meet with an expert in the relevant technology, hands on, transversal thinker, who after some denial and a lapse of time, comes back with a positive conclusion: the new paradigm is feasible.All three agree to make it a reality, incorporate a company, and invite some of their most complementary friends to venture with them.

2nd half 2014 – After one year of research and development, the need for more speed and power is evident, and find a senior developer, who brings fresh and practical solutions to many issues and approaches.

1st Q 2015 – foreseeably launching of an ALPHA version
Since September/2013. STARTUP phase.



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