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Made.com cuts out the middleman and links consumers directly with the designers. This allows the organisation to provide high quality, made to order, cool designed furniture straight to consumers at low prices. The company sells all of its products straight through the web and has no showrooms or warehouses, which reduces waste and surplus stock. The business also groups its orders together, combining all requests for the same piece and putting them into production every seven days. Using the aforementioned techniques the company states it sells its products at great reductions with its furniture typically priced 70 - 85% lower than its high street competitors. Made.com was launched in April 2010 and now connects over 100,000 customers with renowned designers, bringing luxury home design to customers at accessible prices. In the two years since its launch, the Notting Hill-based brand has worked with a number of top designers and artists including; Damien Hirst, James Harrison, Alison Cork, John Stephanidis, Steuart Padwick, Ai Wei Wei, and the Chapman Brothers as well as many other top design partners. Made.com also states it has found the best craftsmen to build its furniture. The skilled workers are often the same people who create products for the UK’s famous high street brands. Made.com is based in Notting Hill, London and operates an office in Shanghai.

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