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Marsi Bionics’ products are modular lower-limb exoskeletons, ranging from single joint active orthoses to full Trunk-Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot active orthoses. Marsi Bionics’ exoskeletons make a difference in performance thanks to its patented controllable-stiffness actuation technology. Making use of this technology Marsi Bionics’ exoskeletons personalize the gait therapy, adapting to each patient’s needs. This unique feature is what makes Marsi Bionics have a wider market application than other exoskeletons companies, as Marsi Bionics’ devices provide physical therapy to a number of neurological disorders featuring musculoskeletal complications. Marsi Bionics’ wearable exoskeletons constitute a technical aid to spatial mobility and also gait rehabilitation, targeted to patients affected by neuromuscular diseases, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, or elderly.

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