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Measurence helps organizations, particularly retailers, innovate in the rapidly-growing “Internet of Things” market.

Measurence unique, cloud-based Insight: Analytics™ platform abstracts the raw functionalities of our basic / off-the-shelf hardware devices (wi-fi sensors, beacons, etc.) and exposes them as a platform of interconnected and remotely-managed modules that can be deployed in any commercial venue (stores, restaurants, malls, etc.).

The modules are easy to install (you just plug it!) and they create a mesh network among themselves. The only requirement is that at least one of them has to be connected to the Internet through a network cable.The functionalities provided by this flexible network are incredibly useful to turn a physical venue in a physical “website”: detect wifi signals for analytics and location marketing, create a social wifi network, generate iBeacon signals for proximity marketing. Moreover the platform provides an API that can be used to export the data to proprietary systems or trigger events to other systems (e.g. custom loyalty engines).

All the functions provided by the deployed modules can be managed remotely on the cloud. And the friendly folks at Measurence will help you get up and running quickly, assist with strategy, planning, deployment, and management – whatever works best for you.

All of Measurence products allow customers to easily leverage the collective power of real-time connected devices to make better, faster, more insightful business decisions.




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