QMENTA is the data driven, AI powered company that aims to revolutionize the way medical imaging is used in clinicaltrials and clinicalcare


QMENTA, headquartered in Boston with European offices in Barcelona, accelerates and improves the chances of successful drug development and clinical care for brain diseases. Our team, composed of 25 international neuroimaging and IT experts, designed a cloud-based platform using unique AI and machine learning techniques and large amounts of MRI and CT brain images drawn from an extensive database. The QMENTA platform is the perfect environment to store, share and analyze multi-site medical imaging data over the course of clinical studies and trials. It allows experts to save valuable time and money in drug development and empowers their objective decision-making based on imaging data insights. All in an open environment fitting in any kind of workflow, infrastructure or imaging biomarker. Specialists (researchers, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists) can upload medical images, have them automatically standardized and processed. They can access big datasets all in one place, within the browser, without the need to install and maintain any software. They can carry out advanced analyses with our widely used proprietary, open sourced, and licensed tools.


Fundacion Spain, April/2013
Estado Startup

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