Collaboration and teamwork in one click




After two years of intense research and development we have designed a multi-platform cloud-based solution that visually combines everything that is important in project and team collaboration.

Built for every kind of professional, it promotes collaborative work, even between companies.

mmmelon is a powerful platform that combines the main functions of the most utilised tools for work. And -this is the best part- every single feature can be reached in a maximum of two clicks.

We have studied how to maximise the efficiency of the main workflow of all kind of professionals. After lots of product design iterations, we have built a breakthrough platform, intuitive, simple and yet so powerful it doesn’t seem to be running on a web browser.

Desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux and iOS app for Apple devices are now also available.
Organization founded in Spain. Since July/2014. 3 employees. SEED phase.


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Official launch

Beta version released

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