Model Workout is your tool to a healthy lifestyle. Anywhere at anytime.

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Model Workout initially started with solving a problem of not being able to guide models from distance. We started as an online platform / community for models where they can follow our training video’s who are provides with detailed coaching and a personalized food schedule. Within a short period of time we felt that there was a major interest in online video’s, a community to share your progress and having a coach and food schedule, anywhere and any time. So we started with innovating our platform to a open community, a freemium platform where every female can find all the information they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Soon we shot our first production that is available for free (Basic series). We uploaded our recipes, added some personal trainers to the platform and soon we reached 25.000 members. Now Model Workout is in a phase where we want to invest in innovation, collaborate with big partners, share data and become the biggest online community for females in the Netherlands and after being settled in the Netherlands soon expand abroad. Model Workout is an easy to use tool which we can market in any country. The Model Workout vision is to become an open source for personal trainers who want to expand their offline business to online within a safe environment and with the right target audience. Model Workout productions is able to create low cost video’s for personal trainers, with professional guidance we can create the perfect and easy to use platform with fresh content coming in every day. This will be the perfect platform for Advertisers where they can use our date to start an affiliate, banner advertising, or even advertising in video’s. Besides working with workout video's, food schedules and online guidance we have a strong believe in the future of wearables. We are working on different techniques of communication between our platform and wearables. The possibilities are endless and with Model Workout we want to innovate and be a part of the future. You should be able to read out to your lifestyle anywhere anytime.

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