The Yelp of cosmetics where girls can find the most popular products as well as share their experiences

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In short: Murnow is an aggregated review platform similar to Tripadvisor, Yelp, FilmAffinity or Rotten Tometoes. What problem does Murnow solve? Currently choosing makeup is a really difficult task. Only once the product has been used, we know if we really like it or not. As a result, online beauty gurus have emerged as a solution to these common problems. However, subjectivity is still a major concern for users. Murnow creates a platform where real women provide their opinion, these reviews are then aggregated to let users know which products work and which ones do not. Who is our user? Our early adopters are young girls between 15 and 25 years of age that entertain themselves through makeup content online. However, our market includes all women that make informed purchases when buying cosmetic products. How do you make any money? We have two revenue streams: advertising and selling data to cosmetic companies. What stage are you in? Murnow was founded in September of 2014. We are at a very early stage. Currently we are developing the platform and creating online communities to soon begin testing with early adopters.

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