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Web service to search for musical events happening elsewhere than your own city.

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Music Traveler is a web service where the user can search for musical events being held in other geographic regions, different from the one where users live in, with the purpose to allow him/her to decide where to travel during their holidays or short trips. Currently there is no musical event web service available targeted at travelers. All other similar webs/apps, are focused in promoting events in the city where users live. MT will allow people to include live concerts in their travel activities or take advantage of people’s indecision of where to travel helping them take that decision with the results we give them. Our search engine is the key. You can get informed about what concerts or festivals are happening in the multiple destinations you can make in the search, along with the available dates selected and the preferred music genres. Ultimately, you decide where to travel according to the event that you like most or according to both elements: events + destination. The service is targeted at any person that likes to travel, ages 18 to 50, with the economic capacity to arrange a trip within their means. In this segment we can identify two types of users: music lovers and those who like music in a more passive manner. - No other web service exists with these exact characteristics, i.e., the search filters we propose are one of a kind on the web. Let's recap: i) available dates, ii) multiple destinations, iii) music genres. - The web design stands out due to its modern, clean and minimalistic syle, with little information in the homepage. Once the search is made all the options and results are spread out. Also, the user has the possibility to participate in the design contributing with photographs they have taken at live concerts which will be shown as wallpapers, giving them a sense of community within the webpage. - The easy and direct access to purchase tickets, flights and accommodation to make the travel experience happen. Each event will have a drop down menu with links for the purchase of these 3 services where the user can acquire the tickets and reservations according to the search done.

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Fundacion Spain, April/2015
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