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Online football related content is mainly limited to top professional football clubs, leagues and tournaments. This “elite list” is making millions broadcasting their contents, enjoying sponsorship and advertisement deals, while  smaller clubs and federations are having a difficult time. 

mycujoo was born to democratize the beautiful game!

mycujoo.tv is a broadcasting platform that offers a stage to the the invisibles, the underdogs of football, the small-medium football clubs that don't get the media coverage they deserve. 

By creating their own social TV channels on mycujoo.tv, football clubs, leagues and federations increase visibility, interact more effectively with their fan base and create new and exciting business opportunities. The platform offers a variety of  content monetization resources: in-game advertising, cost-per-view content crowdfunding and sponsorship / advertising spaces, all of this by offering a multifunctional ecosystem that allows live and on-demand video streaming, TV programming and historical video archive management

mycujoo TV is a cost-free service, and has low requirements for professionally broadcasting content: a camera, a laptop and a stable internet connection is all that it takes to start a Football TV channel! And there’s no need to invest large amounts of money in professional camera equipment: in accordance to their budget, clubs can easily start using simple recording solutions, such as average digital cameras and later move on to more professional equipment.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert or a developer; you don’t need money or a particular pedigree. Our doors are open to all those who care about football!

Welcome to the World's Football TV... welcome to mycujoo.tv!!!
Organization founded in Netherlands · Switzerland. Since July/2014. PUBLIC phase.


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