Neeo is free texting & calling app for Android & iPhone. If offers cross platform auto translation too.



Neeo is a free texting and calling app for Android and iPhone that helps you to get connected with your family, friends and business circle all over the globe. It provides the best facility of connecting people speaking different languages with its feature of auto translation. This is why the feature of Multi lingual auto translation makes Neeo messenger the best free calling and texting app.

Features of NEEO Messenger App:

1. Free Texting 
2. Free Calling 
3. Cross Platform Auto Translation (Multilingual Messenger app) 
4. Group Chatting 
5. Photo Sharing


Being the best free texting and calling app, Neeo gives you all the reasons to be installed into your smartphones. Whatever you want for the communication with your community, Neeo offers it.

From where you can download & Install Neeo?

This best free texting and calling app for Android ( is available on Google Play Store and for iPhone ( on Apple App Store.
Since February/2014. 50 employees.


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