NerdAssist is a company that provides academic assistance services.


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NerdAssist is an academic assistance company. It provides help with a variety of study-related tasks to struggling students. Delivering high-quality support isn’t the only major goal for the company. They also aim at lowering study-related stress, as well as physical and emotional pressure of having to combine studies and other important activities (like part-time job, sports, or hobbies). The core of NerdAssist’s service is its team of more than 300 academic experts. They are professionals with various backgrounds, who have graduated from prestigious universities receiving Master’s or even higher degrees. This level of the team’s expertise allows the service to tackle virtually any study-related issue and complete any task. And that’s not just an empty claim. NerdAssist has statistics to back up their capabilities. Apart from having a 97 out of 100 success rate based on customer reviews, the company conducted a survey to see how good of an impact their service makes. Here are the results: A little over 93% of clients claim that they managed to lower study-related stress. 91% of clients said that thanks to the assistance they improved their GPA. 53% of students say they finally have enough free time to spend with family and friends. More than 500 students were able to increase their income by finding a part-time job due to the increased amount of free time.

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