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Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool for fast and comprehensive technical audit of the entire website.

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Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool which crawls your website like a search engine robot and detects key SEO issues that influence the website’s visibility in SERP. This tool allows you to: * Spot 60+ issues of your website optimization. * Check 50+ key on-page SEO parameters. * Calculate internal PageRank to improve website linking structure. * Analyze all incoming and outgoing internal links. * View page source and HTTP headers. * Generate sitemaps: XML, Image and HTML. * Adjust Netpeak Spider to your own requirements using crawling modes for the entire website, the URL list or XML Sitemap. * Set custom rules to crawl either the entire website or its certain part * Consider indexation instructions (Robots.txt, Meta Robots, X-Robots-Tag, Canonical) * Perform custom search of source code/text using 4 types of search. * Avoid duplicate content: Pages, Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Headers, etc. * Spot issues with redirects. * Overview panel for fast SEO audit with special status codes which show website indexation and potential issues. * Export and save all results only in CSV, including reference links, redirects, h1-h6 headers, as well as information about issues and images. Netpeak Spider is available on Windows only.

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Fundacion United States · United Kingdom, May/2016
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