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Our startup is called Wardensity:Arena [NWG studios first and main product] - it’s a 3D Real-Time/MOBA strategy game based on HTML5 and webGL technology and can run in your browser/mobile or like desktop app. This is an updated part of ‘Wardenisty RTS’ which is under development too, it is similar in some parts to Stronghold Crusader 2 [Firefly studios]. Wardensity:Arena is related to MOBA [multiplayer online battle arena], but it has large differences with popular MOBA games like DOTA or League Of Legends etc. First of all it is classic medieval game with no magic. About 12 faction on the start of the game and you have to choose only one after this you'll have three divisions [from 100 to 3000 units in each] under your control, every division can have different skills [every fraction has a different list of this skills]. After this you play with friends or random people in battles 3v3 or 5v5. The one who will crush every block-post on the map and will destroy the enemy's base will win. The game is light-weighted and runs smoothly even on old hardware and mobile devices [own game engine called NWEngine is very performant and uses very few RAM]. Our team is based in Lviv, Ukraine. Right now there are three developers and two-three artists working partly at the moment. The active development of the game Wardensity:Arena started only few month ago, before that most development was concentrated on our game engine. After release of Arena we hope to release the main game ‘Wardensity’ several month later.

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